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Guillaume Lagravière - cello

Guillaume Lagravière is a passionate musician and open to musical diversity. Having trained in Paris (CRR de Paris, and 93), and Geneva (HEM), in 2011 he obtained his master’s degree with distinction in cello at the Koninklijk Conservatorium Brussel, studying under Jeroen Reuling. Throughout his career he benefited from the advice of renowned cellists such as István Varga (Hungary), Florian Lauridon (France), François Guye (Switzerland), Gary Hoffman (Canada), Maria Kliegel (Germany).

In 2016 he joined the Spilliaert trio, with which he won several prizes in competitions such as the second prize at the Bellan international competition in Paris 2018, the first prize at the 2017 Sveril international competition in Slovenia, and the prize from the city of Lège Cap- Ferret at Cap-Ferret Music – 2017 Open.With this ensemble Guillaume defends the Belgian musical repertoire, and performs in venues such as the Royal Museums of Fine Arts (Brussels), Royal Conservatory (Brussels), Delta(Namur), Mundeanum (Mons), Reflektor (Liège), Rockerill (Charleroi), Tore Sant’Eusebio(Rome) … as well as performs at festivals such as Belgian Music Days (BE), Musicorum (BE),Varga festival (FR), Festival du Poitou (FR), the festivals of Wallonia (BE), the festival of Cramard, (FR) and the Osmose festival (BE)


Passionate about sharing music with children, he co-wrote and performed the musical performance « Monsieur Pâque, ou la vie d’un compositeur oublié », for the Jeunesses musicales. 


A member of the Brussels Chamber Orchestra since 2012, Guillaume has the opportunity to share the stage with internationally renowned artists such as Ivry Gitlis, Maxim Vengerov, Janine Jansen, Gavriel Lipkind, Gilles Apap, Narita Tatsuki, Marc Buchkov, Robi Lakatos, Anne Gastinel, Raphaël Pidoux, Claudio Bohorquez, Mauranne… and at festivals such as: Cary cross Current festival (USA), CransMontana (Switzerland), SuperCello festival (China),Pietrasanta in Concerto (Italy)…

At ease with diverse musical genres such as baroque or progressive rock, he combines rigour and freedom as part of his musical interpretation. Guillaume’s curiosity and his taste for musical eclecticism have led him to play with the Icelandic group Árstíðir since 2013, with whom he has played more than 300 concerts in twenty countries, and with which he has just recorded the album Nivalis (2018), which was crowned with the title of album of the year 2019and best music video in 2020 for the song « entangled » by the Independent Music Awards, with jury members such as Tom Waits, Robert Smith, Coolio,  Joshua Bell…

He likes to share his passion for music and teaches music theory and the cello in Brussels in the music academies of Forest, Saint-Gilles and Evere, as well as at the Institute of Diffusion of Musical Artistic Education (IDEAM), and the European School 4.Always looking for new challenges, in 2017 he created 23 works for two cellos in collaboration with Bruno Ispiola during the Osmose festival (BE), and will repeat the experience with the Spilliaert trio in October 2020.

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